Our products include resins, micro cement, industrial resin, and ecological mortar

Products used for the realization of floors, walls, and furniture, and can be applied to any compact surface with a thickness of about 2mm.

Our products are resistant to trampling and water. Their versatility and ease of application have gained great consensus in the retail sector, thanks to the characteristics of surface continuity. They offer maximum functionality in the bathroom.

Our materials are highly aesthetic and find consensus among architects and interior designers. They are composed of polymers, spheroidal quartz, cement, and resins, with the exception of the ecological mortar, which is composed of noble polymers in aqueous suspension. These materials are applied by trained professionals using a trowel. The diameters of the aggregates vary by tenths of a millimeter, creating different surfaces with rustic, rough, and velvety appearances. They are available in a variety of colors and three finishes: glossy, satin, and matte.